Yusra Alhashimi

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Yusra AlHashimi, Emirati businesswoman and passionate education advocate, is the founder and CEO of Iqra’a Arabic Language Center). Iqra’a is the culmination of years of dedicated research, and is a successful and thriving hub of Arabic learning. Iqra’a has become known by teachers of Arabic as one of the top institutes for teaching Arabic, and is renowned for its fresh and innovative teaching methods and interactive approach. Under Alhashimi’s leadership, it is a centre of excellence and pioneer of knowhow and strategy.

AlHashimi is a graduate of Heriot Watt University Edinburgh – BEng Information System Engineering. She is currently studying MA in Applied Educational leadership and Management at the Institute of Education, University of London.

She has previously worked for the UAE Embassy in London, and also for ENOC for seven years in several positions, the last one being Risk Management Business Analyst – Quality Control Analyst. She started her first business in 2005.

As a successful educational leader with a vision on improving educational systems, who makes positive difference and drives innovation in various aspects of education management, AlHashimi has commenced plans for a Mentoring & Academic Support Facility for struggling school students aged 13-16, for university students, and also for parents of struggling students.