Suzanne Husseini

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A contributor to many publications like BBC Good Food, Caterer and Spinney’s Food, Suzanne Husseini has been featured on various local television programmes. She hosted one of the most popular Arabic cooking shows in the Middle East and North Africa, showcasing her unique style and earning her a loyal following among her audience.

Husseini frequently conducts live cooking demonstrations and has been a featured presenter at major food events such as Taste of Dubai, Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, Gourmand’s Paris Cook Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair and Gourmet Abu Dhabi.

Husseini has been a teacher and restaurant manager and combines her skills and passion for food to conduct cooking classes for those eager to unlock the mysteries of Middle Eastern dishes. Living in Canada, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, and having the opportunity to travel has reinforced what she has always suspected: that food brings people together and forges lifelong friendships. It’s what happens When Suzanne Cooks.