Susan Abulhawa

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The-Blue-Between-Sky-and-WaterSusan Abulhawa is Palestinian-American novelist, essayist and poet. Her debut novel, Mornings in Jenin (Bloomsbury 2010), was an international bestseller translated into 26 languages.  It was hailed by The Times as the ‘first English-language novel to express fully the human dimension of the Palestinian tragedy’.

In June 2015, Abulhawa published her latest novel, The Blue Between Sky and Water, which follows the Baraka family in Palestine and in America, transcending nationality, time and space. It has sold in 19 languages so far.

She is also the author of My Voice Sought the Wind, a collection of lyric poetry she had written over a five-year period on subjects as diverse as love, loss, identity, and family. Abulhawa has also contributed to the anthologies Shattered Illusions (2002) andSearching Jenin (2003) and writes essays and political commentary for the American and international press.

Abulhawa is also the founder of Playgrounds for Palestine, a children’s organization dedicated to upholding the Right to Play for Palestinian children living under military occupation and in refugee camps elsewhere.