Steven Berkoff

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Steven Berkoff was born in Stepney, London. After studying drama and mime in London and Paris, he entered a series of repertory companies and in 1968 formed the London Theatre Group. His plays and adaptations have been performed in many countries and in many languages. Among the many adaptations Berkoff has created for the stage, directed and toured, are Kafka’s Metamorphosis andThe Trial, and Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher. He has directed and toured productions of Shakespeare’s plays and Oscar Wilde’s Salome.

Berkoff’s original stage plays include East, West,Decadence, Acapulco, among a host of others. Decadencewas adapted to screen, directed by and co-starring Berkoff and Joan Collins. He has performed his trilogy of solo shows, One Man, Shakespeare’s Villains and Requiem for Ground Zero, in venues all over the world.

Films Berkoff has acted in include A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, Octopussy, Beverly Hills Cop, Rambo and Absolute Beginners.

He has published a variety of books on the theatre such as the production journals I am Hamlet, Meditations on Metamorphosis and Coriolanus in Deutschland.

He has authored a number of books including Shopping in the Santa Monica Mall: The Journals of a Strolling Player, Bad Guy and Richard II In New York.