Sahar Naja Mahfouz

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شعريSahar Naja Mahfouz was born in Beirut and graduated from the American University of Beirut. Mahfouz is a children’s author who believes in one mission ‘Writing for a Personality Development’. She found in the Arabic language the beauty, expressiveness and flexibility that bring a story alive.

Mahfouz has authored several books that address issues concerned with young adults. In addition, she also writes for younger children, dealing with diversity among children, and society in general, and the acceptance of others just as they are. These qualities are evident in her first book, Lughz Al Saghir (The Little One’s Secret). She also wrote the Ukhti Al Kubra (My Eldest Sister) series, which describes the relationship between two sisters, and Laytani Akul Laa (I Wish I Said No), published in 2014.

Her upcoming books are Wa Akhiran Kassast Shaari (I finally cut my hair) and Abadan Lan Abka Arnoub(Will Never Stay, the Little Rabbit).

Mahfouz is the founder and coordinator of a group of female writers based in UAE called HUNNA. She participates regularly at bookfairs and festivals, and delivers various workshops for schools and colleges.

Mahfouz lives in the UAE with her husband and three children.