Professor Rafia Ghubash

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Professor Rafia Ghubash has a distinguished academic journey full of accomplishments and success both as an academic in higher education and while managing academic institutions. She has also made valuable contributions to the general public and to community services.

Ghubash was formerly President of Arab Gulf University in Bahrain (2000-2009). She was the first psychiatrist in the UAE and tackled uncharted areas in her research. Ghubash is the first in her field to use comprehensive epidemiological studies from the UAE and has published 45 papers in internationally-recognized journals.

Ghubash’s profession and practice in the field of psychiatry not only enlightened her, but also led her to explore new and exciting territories. She studied how to apply psychological therapies by using sets of human activities which were focused on one’s identity, history, language and culture, four princples that Ghubash found naturally constitute the elements of a healthy human being.

Ghubash’s studies concluded that finding the balance between a person and his/ her culture and their main pillars of existence is the key to curing people’s feelings of alienation and loneliness.