Petr Horacek

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book-Mouse-who-ate-the-moonPetr Horacek grew up in Prague in the Czech Republic and always wanted to be an illustrator. He would listen to stories or watch films and then fill up his sketchbook with pictures and images from the story.

Horacek studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Prague where he painted and drew for six years. Every autumn his teachers drove him and his fellow students to the countryside where they would be left for a few weeks (once even a few months!) to paint and draw the landscape and he has adored the autumn ever since.

Horacek’s two daughters Tereza and Cecilia are the biggest inspiration for his work. He started to work on children’s books when Tereza was born. His first books, Strawberries are Red and What is Black and White?, received the Books for Children Newcomer Award in 2001. His Silly Suzy Goose has won several awards including the Washington Post Book World Best Children’s Books of the Year.

Horacek lives in England with his wife Claire. He likes doing novelty books best and finds it very exciting looking through the holes in the pages and seeing what happens when one turns the page.