Noura Al Noman

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shamsa-wal-sushi-FrontCoverNoura Al Noman studied language for many years, earning a Bachelor in English Literature and Masters in Translation Studies, but never expected to become a writer, let alone one of books for Arab children.

In 2010, she published her first two picture books for toddlers – Cotton the Kitten andKiwi the Hedgehog – which were published by Kalimat in Arabic.

Noting the huge deficit in books for young Arabs, Al Noman wrote her first novel, Ajwan, one of a handful of science fiction novels in the Arab world. Al Noman believes that Arab youth are hungry for fiction which can excite them enough to read in Arabic.

Ajwan won Best Young Adult Novel at the 2013 Etisalat Award for Arabic Children’s Literature. Al Noman also won the Arab Woman Award in the Literature category, presented by the ITP Group. Although Ajwanhas been translated in English, Al Noman has delayed publishing it to give the original Arabic version a chance to gain more traction with readers. Book two of Ajwan, Mandan, was launched at the Cairo Book Fair in January 2014. Al Noman is now working on book three of the trilogy.