Muhsin Suliman

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Muhsin Suliman is an author and playwright. He began by writing columns for newspapers and magazines in the UAE and in international publications.

In 1998, he published his first short story, Temporary Absence and soon after he joined the Story Club of the Emirates Writers Union. He has since gone on to become a board member of the Emirates Writers Union.

In 2002, he wrote a one-act play entitled The Key but did not publish it. In 2007, he began writing plays for children as well as adults. He then published two short story collections, Behind the Hanging Curtains and A Shadow-like Being.

His latest work is Noh and Kabuki and the Drama of Masks, which tackles the various aspects of Japanese theatre. The book consists of four chapters, the first on the theatrical arts; the second chapter examines ‘Noh’ drama. The third chapter studies ‘Kabuki’, which arose from ‘Noh’ but incorporates comedic elements. Suliman ends the book with a play script as an example.