Mohammed Al Ghafli

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Mohammed Al Ghafli is a visually-impaired Emirati radio presenter, broadcaster, actor and author.

Al Ghafli works in the Public Relations department of the Community Development Authority and is a columnist for Al Roeya Newspaper.

Al Ghafli offers lectures and seminars on how to welcome and integrate the visually impaired into mainstream education. These talks take place in various public schools across Dubai and Sharjah. Al Ghafli also shares his personal experiences at schools to shed light on the challenges faced by those with visual impairments.

Al Ghafli’s autobiography, Another Taste to Life, was published in 2012 by Kuttab Publishing.

His acting credits include roles in Door of Baraha, which won Best collective performance 2013, and the stage adaptation of Another Taste to Life, for which he was awarded Best Leading Role/Actor.