Michael Dobbs

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House-of-Cards-e1446966098387Michael Dobbs – Lord Dobbs of Wylye – is Britain’s best-known political novelist, an active member of the House of Lords and a celebrated raconteur. He has enjoyed a ringside seat on many historic occasions. He was with Margaret Thatcher when she walked into Downing Street as Prime Minister and was with John Major when 18 years later he was lead out.

He wrote his first novel, House of Cards, after a furious row with Thatcher. It became hugely popular and was turned into an award winning TV series which became the BBC’s best-selling drama series around the world. Today, Netflix has turned House of Cards into a global television sensation starring Kevin Spacey.

Alongside House of Cards, he is also the author of the ongoing Harry Jones series of thrillers, which the Financial Times described as, ‘think Die Hard with a stiff upper lip’. Dobbs has written twenty novels, including an award-winning series about Winston Churchill and a trilogy of political thrillers about backbench MP Thomas Goodfellowe.

He has also been a BBC television presenter, a newspaper columnist, the deputy chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi and somewhere along the way gained a doctorate in nuclear defence studies.