Maryam Ibrahim

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Born in 1989, Maryam Ibrahim is an Emirati woman with a variety of skills, who prizes herself on being a good communicator.

She studied applied business technology and corporate communication at Dubai Women’s College and has considerable experience with local TV shows, media, social media and launching campaigns.

Interested in photography, videography and writing ‘in Arabic’, she has covered many events in Dubai through social media and has been at photography trips out of the UAE.

A graduate of the Dubai Playwright’s Studio, held at the Dubai International Writers’ Centre, she completed her first play in June 2015, entitled “رحلة النور ” (Journey Of Light), it is a biography-documentary play about the birth of education in UAE.

Ibrahim has managed different accounts on social media for different campaigns and organizations and won 3rd place at the Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum media competition, ‘Dubai Free Tobacco 2013’.

Ibrahim is pleased to say her life revolves around social media, writing, photography, videography and sports.