Maitha Al Khayat

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Uncle-Khalfans-SheepMaitha is a mother by profession and a children’s illustrator and writer at heart. Juggling five children, she still makes time to be a Board Member on the UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY), and a member of the Emirates Union of Writers, 2014.

Since she was a child, books were her passion and now, as both a local and international writer, Al Khayat promotes the love of reading and writing at schools, book fairs and cultural events. Her first book, I Love My Dad’s Long Beard,was inspired by her children who adore their father’s beard, while My Own Special Way received an award for Best Children’s Book at Riyadh Children’s Forum in 2011 and was shortlisted for best book in translation for the March Awards in the UK, 2013.

Whether it’s camels, lice or even socks, her books always brings a smile and tears of laughter to her readers. Her latest children’s books are Uncle Khalfan’s Sheep, Turn Off The Lights and Two Whales.

Maitha also has time for children’s TV animation shows like Hamdoon, and Driver Dan’s Story Train. She is privileged to be working on the new Sesame Street children show – Arabic version, and is currently working on Season 2.