Mai El Khalifa

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Mai El Khalifa is a TV broadcast professional and an executive coach with more than two decades of business experience. She has led business development and corporate management teams for TV networks from the UK to the UAE. Her most recent work includes the senior management of programmes and production for Dubai One TV, part of Dubai Media Inc.

Starting with a degree in fashion design from the UK, El Khalifa entered the world of television, covering stories from that glamorous world for Middle East Broadcasting in London.

Moving in the world of news, she became an integral part of the team that established a world-class news service on Abu Dhabi Television in the UAE. Since then, El Khalifa has successfully managed a broad range of projects including successful start-ups and international business ventures.

Across each career step, El Khalifa focused on the business development of multi-cultural communication and leadership skills. She is fluent in English and Arabic and her experience has blended Western and Middle Eastern cultures.

As a Certified Professional Coach, El Khalifa now brings her experience, professional coaching credentials, and an in-depth understanding of international business to clients through executive coaching and training.