Liz Keaney

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Warrior-Women-e1444830315244Liz Keaney’s corporate career spanned almost thirty years until two serious health challenges forced her to look more closely at her life. In doing so, she realised she could be much kinder with how she nurtured her body, ‘fed’ her mind and connected with the truth of who she really was. In doing so, she uncovered an incredible resource within everyone.

The discovery she founded is called the KindnessCODE™. In her 2015 book Warrior Women – How to be Magnificent through the Courage of Self-Kindness, she reveals the four steps to health, joy and abundance. Warrior Women is about self-nurture, self-worth and self-connection; it features ‘seven beautiful stories of modern day women that display a real-ness and vulnerability that is easy to connect with’.

Her first book, Self Kindness for Busy, Intelligent Women: 57 Ways to be Kind to Body Mind and Soul, was published in 2013.

Through her international speaking and ‘conscious living’ programmes, Keaney helps women globally live a life of passion, purpose and potentiality.

Her motto: One Life, Live it!