Liliane van der Hoeven

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Key-to-Dubai-EN_CoverLiliane van der Hoeven was born and raised in the Netherlands. Over 15 years, she and her family lived in Taiwan and Hungary and, since 2010, she has been living in Dubai. During her years as an expat, van der Hoeven came to realise the importance, especially for children, of understanding the culture of the country they live in, which might be very different to their home country. While relocating to new places in the world, she learnt that books were great tools for helping her own three children settle and understand their new surroundings.

Van der Hoeven completed a Masters in Educational Science in the Netherlands. Following her studies, she developed a career in PR and communication, consulting and graphic design. Creating children’s books is now her passion and one that helps her combine her background in education with her design/communication skills.

Van der Hoeven’s first book, Footprints in Dubai, was published in 2012 and allows international children to create a keepsake of their Dubai life and friendships.

The success of her first book encouraged van der Hoeven to write The Key to Dubai, Dubai’s first-ever children’s encyclopaedia, bursting with facts and images about the city and Emirati culture. It was published by Explorer publishing in 2015, and launched at the Dubai International Writers’ Centre