Kiran Chhabria

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Kiran_Kitty in the City_CoverKiran Chhabria is better known in business circles in the UAE and India as the Director of Jumbo Electronics and a former Non-Executive Director at Shaw Wallace. Despite her business background, her passion for writing was apparent from early childhood when Chhabria started rhyming two-liners and limericks around the same time she learned to string sentences together.

In her later years, Chhabria continued to pursue writing with the well-received lifestyle column ‘Kiran’s Corner’ for wknd in Khaleej Times. She followed this up with the tech column she wrote in the business section of Gulf News. Her blog, also called Kiran’s Corner, had a strong fan base for the three years she maintained it till she retired it to work on her first novel, Kitty in the City.

Having grown up in Dubai with a few years spent in Mumbai, Gstaad and Boston, she now splits her time between her ‘soul city’ NYC and her beloved hometown of Dubai, which is where Kitty in the City is based.