Khalid Al Budoor

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Khalid Albudoor book

Born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1961, Khalid Albudoor is an award-winning poet, writer, lecturer, and cultural advisor.

His poems first appeared in local magazines and newspapers in 1978. He won the Al-Khal Poetry Award for his first collection of poetry, Lail (Night), published in Lebanon in 1992.

Albudoor is the author of Sowar Men Alams (Looking Back With Love), an anthology of Nabati poetry from the UAE. He has published six poetry collections and was one of the founding members of the UAE Writers’ Union. He was a member of the Dubai Cultural Council and has participated in several poetry and film festivals, both in the UAE and around the world.

Since 1988, Albudoor has been researching and documenting the oral heritage of the UAE. This includes Nabati poetry, folk songs and folk tales.

He is also a documentary filmmaker and holds a Master’s Degree in screenwriting from Ohio University in the United States. His documentaries and television programmes about Emirati cultural heritage have received awards and recognition, both locally and internationally.