Justin Marozzi

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Baghdad-jacket-Ondaatje-2Justin Marozzi is a travel writer, historian, journalist and communications expert. He has travelled extensively in the Middle East and has worked in conflict and post-conflict environments. During his time in the Far East, he shared a Winnebago with Imelda Marcos, a helicopter with the Philippine president and a curry with Aung San Suu Kyi whilst she was under house arrest in Rangoon.

Marozzi’s books include South from Barbary, Faces of Exploration and The Man Who Invented History: Travels with Herodotus. His latest book, Baghdad: City of Peace, City of Blood, won the Royal Society of Literature’s 2015 Ondaatje Prize and was praised by The Spectator as ‘Brilliant, evocative and erudite’.

Marozzi has contributed to Meetings with Remarkable Muslims, The Seventy Greatest Journeys, and most recently The Art of War. He is a regular contributor to a wide range of national and international publications and is a member of Chatham House, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, where he has also lectured, and a Member of the Travellers Club. In 2011 he was elected as a Councillor of the RGS and appointed a Senior Research Fellow in Journalism and the Popular Understanding of History at Buckingham University’s Humanities Research institute.