Julie Lewis

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Moving-Mountains coverJulie Lewis is a high-energy catalyst for personal and professional transformation. Tapping into her own stories borne from her unusual experiences across business, adventure, sports and life, she has already inspired and enabled hundreds of women and men to step out of their comfort zone and reach new personal and professional heights in the spirit of love and adventure.

Lewis climbed her first mountain at the tender age of 40; at the Summit she experienced a lightbulb moment resulting in the foundation of Mountain High in 2003. Since this time she has lead multi-national teams of women and men on more than 55 expeditions to 20 countries including the Arctic and Antarctica; on a personal level she has climbed 19 high altitude mountains, reaching a personal best of 7000m on a peak in Tibet.

She is also the co-founder of the Women’s Peak Performance Summit.

Lewis writes for a number of regional and international publications; she is a regular radio and TV guest and the co-author of The Strength and Spirit of Women, which recounts the story and images of the first team of breast cancer survivors on an expedition to Antarctica.

She currently lives in Abu Dhabi with her husband Calin.