Jonathan Meres

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May-Still-Be-Charged-9Jonathan Meres is a former merchant seaman, ice cream van driver and Perrier Award-nominated stand-up comedian. As an actor he has appeared on TV and in films, playing the villain in three Outpost films and starring in television shows The 39 Steps, Rab C Nesbitt and Yo! Diary!, which he also wrote.

As a writer, he has written for TV and radio, but is best known for being the author of over 20 books for children and in particular his bestselling, award-winning series,The World Of Norm, which has so far been translated into 14 languages worldwide. He is also the author of the successful YO! DIARY! series of books for teenagers and two Koala Calamity books for younger readers. His other books include the fact-based Phenomenal! The Small Book of Big Words and The XMAS Factor. He also writes books for older readers including Love Dad and Fame Thing.

Meres won the Scottish Children’s Book Award in 2012 for World of Norm – May Contain Nuts and the Phoenix Book Award in 2013.

His hugely entertaining live performances ensure that he’s in constant demand at schools and book festivals throughout the UK and beyond.