John Sampson

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John Sampson is Scottish and has had a varied career in music working in theatre, bands, orchestras, television, radio and, for the last twelve years, working with Carol Ann Duffy. With Duffy and her daughter Ella, Sampson has helped to create shows such as The Princess’ Blankets, which has been described as ‘A magical blend of poetry, music and fairytale’.

He plays a number of different wind instruments such as the Crumhorn, Gemshorn, Shalmie Pipe, Posthorn, Recorders, Cornettino, Trumpet and Chinese Halusi which he performs between poetic sections and underscores some poems.

Trained as a trumpet player and early music specialist he is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and actor who has toured Europe and the UK extensively.

Sampson is also an accomplished actor and has performed in several roles, both comedic and dramatic, over forty years. He has worked with companies such as Wildcat, with whom he appeared in major productions such as The Big Picnic. He has also worked alongside some of Scotland’s finest actors in plays such as The Thrie Estates.