Jo Simpson

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The-Restless-ExecutiveJo Simpson has a unique talent for transforming Restless Executives into courageous modern leaders.

Simpson built a successful career in the Banking Industry, before leaving in 2004 to follow her true passion, purpose and vision for people development.

Simpson is a leading authority in the arena of Values Based Leadership and it was her journey to Dubai in 2005 that inspired her to establish her ground breaking company and to pioneer coaching and mentoring in the Middle East, where she helped to transform the business and management culture of numerous international and locally based organisations.

Simpson is an engaging keynote speaker, executive leadership coach, facilitator and author. Since returning to the UK in 2010, she continues to pioneer her methodologies for values-based leadership and innovative team transformation.

Simpson’s latest book The Restless Executive – Reclaim your values, Love what you do and Lead with purpose, shares Simpson’s first-hand experience that the key to lasting empowerment and transformation is through leaders and their teams being values driven and aligned at their core.

When not busy transforming Restless Executives and their teams, Simpson loves dancing, learning to play the clarinet and skiing in the mountains.