Hafidh Aman Thani

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Hafidh Aman Thani is an author and director from the UAE. He started out studying law, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, a Master’s Degree in Commercial Law and diplomas in various sciences. But his love for theatre has led him to participate in a number of theatre projects.

Thani has directed numerous plays, including Travelers, and is a founding member of Dubai Al Ahli Theatre. He has been a part of several more plays such as A Grain of Sand, Gamila, Emperor Jones and The Two Typewriters. He has also worked as an assistant director in most of Nagi Al Hai’s productions and has also supervised plays such as Domino, One Thousand Nights, Evening Rose, Hangman, Jasmine Fingers, among others.

He continues to share his knowledge of the theatre scene, be it as a supervisor in various theatre workshops or by attending symposiums and technical lectures at theatre festivals. Additionally, he has participated in selection committees for local festivals as well as arbitration committees.

Thani works as a legislative expert in the financial and technological sectors, building strategies and business development planning in public and private institutions. He is also a professor in Media Law.