Faisal J. Abbas

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Faisal J. Abbas has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Dubai-based English language service of Al Arabiya News Channel www.alarabiya.net/English since July 2012.

Under his editorship, Al Arabiya English has seen a large expansion. He introduced subtitles for news programmes as well as analysis, Op-Eds and exclusive features aimed at giving Western audiences an understanding of the Arab perspective on complex Middle East issues.

Abbas has been a journalist for nearly 15 years; prior to joining Al Arabiya he worked as a reporter for Future Television (Lebanon), Al Hayat pan-Arab daily and, upon moving to London in 2005, he became Asharq Al Awsat’s founding editor of the international Arab newspaper’s weekly media section.

He also is a renowned blogger with The Huffington Post since 2008 and is a recipient of numerous media awards, including the London-based Next Century Foundation’s Cutting Edge Award (2009) for extraordinary efforts in bridging the communication gap between the West and the Arab World.

Abbas is participating at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in a joint-session with the British Council to talk about his career as a journalist and announce his new book which describes modern-day London through Arab eyes.