Con Coughlin

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Con Coughlin is one of Britain’s leading journalists and an international best-selling author. He is the Daily Telegraph’s Defence Editor, and is regarded as a leading expert on global conflict, international security and the Middle East. As well as writing for the Telegraph, he writes regularly for a number of other publications, including the Spectator and Wall Street Journal.

Coughlin has extensive broadcast experience in America and Britain. He was an analyst for CNN during the Iraq war and then worked for the NBC/ MSNBC network. Today he broadcasts regularly on American and British television and radio on a wide range of international issues, especially in relation to Afghanistan, Iran, the Middle East, defence and global security issues.

His internationally acclaimed biography of Saddam Hussein, Saddam: The Secret Life (2002), was a New York Times bestseller. His most recent book is Churchill’s First War: Young Winston and the fight against the Taliban was published to critical acclaim in Britain in April 2013 will be published in America in January 2014. In its review, the Times Literary Supplement described Churchill’s First War as ‘an indulgent pleasure and a genuine education’.