Alexander McNabb

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BirdkillAlexander McNabb has been working in, living in and travelling around the Middle East for some 30 years. Formerly a journalist, editor and magazine publisher, today he is a consultant on media, publishing and digital communications.

McNabb is a frequent conference speaker, chair and moderator – as well as commentator in broadcast and print media – particularly around technology, media and online issues. When he’s not writing books, he’s posting half-thoughts and snippets on his blog, Fake Plastic Souks.

McNabb’s first serious novel was the critically acclaimedOlives – A Violent Romance, a work that explores the attitudes, perceptions and conflicts of the Middle East, exposing a European sensibility to the strange and multi-layered world of life on the borders of Palestine. Self-published in 2011, the book found a receptive audience.

This was followed by international spy thriller Beirut – An Explosive Thriller, which was self-published in the UAE in 2012. He published his third Middle East-based novel, Shemlan – A Deadly Tragedy, a thriller about a dying man unearthing his past, in 2013. His new novel, A Decent Bomber, is set in Ireland and his latest, Birdkill, will be published in 2016.