Ahlam Bsharat

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My Nom de Guerre is ButterflyAhlam Bsharat is a Palestinian writer born in 1975 in the small town of Tamoon in the Northern Valley of Palestine. She holds a Master’s degree in Palestinian Literature from Najah University in Nablus following which she became a school teacher and taught creative writing.

Bsharat’s first book of short stories, Because I Love You, was published in 2005, followed by another collection, 40th Day after Death Prayer in Blue, in 2010. She published a collection of letters, If I Think About It, It’s Just Thoughts, in 2009.

Bsharat has also authored several stories for children including Naani Is Carrying The Cake, The Boy Is Looking For His Name, The Window of Zinc, Safwuan Lam Is No Longer a Turtle and My Grandfather’s Bed. She has written three books for children and teenagers, My Nom de Guerre Is Butterfly, Trees for Absent People and a memoir, Poinciana Tree: Memories of a Girl from the Lowest Spot in the World.

Bsharat has worked as editor of a magazine section dedicated to youth issues, written children’s series for TV and radio and been on writers’ residencies in Belgium and Paris, France.

She has lived on the route between Tamoon and Ramallah for four years and works at the Ministry of Culture.