Afshin Molavi

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The-UAE-and-Africa-SAIS_whitepaper_coverAfshin Molavi is a global geo-political and geo-economic analyst, author, documentary film producer, and columnist who still reads newspapers the old fashioned way – in print – and prefers his books the same way.

Molavi is the author of the 2007 National Geographic cover story on Dubai, Sudden City, that was translated into 29 languages, and his articles have been published in wide-ranging publications around the world. He currently writes a bi-weekly global affairs column for NewsweekJapan and has worked as a journalist in the US and Middle East. Molavi describes himself today as ‘a recovering journalist’.

He has also worked as geo-political risk analyst for Fortune 100 companies.  In 2005, he was selected by the World Economic Forum of Davos as a Young Global Leader.

Molavi currently leads an initiative at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington DC. He recently authored a study of UAE-Africa ties, and coined the acronym HUBSS – Hong Kong, UAE, Bombay, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Molavi has been a think tank fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the New America Foundation, and he also currently serves as a senior advisor to Oxford Analytica, the global analysis and advisory firm.

He lives in Washington DC with his wife, Sheila, and two children, Darius and Ayla.