Abdulla Al-Dabbagh

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Abdulla Al-Dabbagh holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University, an M. Litt. from Cambridge University, and a Ph.D. from Essex University. He has taught English, American, and world literatures, literary criticism, and translation at universities in Iraq, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates.

He is the author of Literary Orientalism, Postcolonialism, and Universalism, Shakespeare, the Orient, and the Critics, D. H. Lawrence: A Study of Literary Fascism, Socialist Literature: Theory and Practice, Literary Intellectuals: East and West, Seven Essays: Studies in Literature, Drama, and Film.

He has also had articles published in the Shakespeare Yearbook, the ComparatistEnglish Language NotesEnglish TodayNew ComparisonJournal of Mediterranean Area StudiesNeoheliconActa Neophilologica and the International Journal of Arabic/ English Studies, of which he is a member of the editorial board.

He is a member of the International Comparative Literature Association, the International Shakespeare Association, the European Shakespeare Research Association, Mediterranean Studies Association, European Association for Commonwealth Language and Literature Study, the International Association of University Professors of English, and a founding member of both the Association of Professors of English Language, Literature, and Translation in Arab Universities, and the Asian Shakespeare Association.