A.F. Harrold

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The-Imaginary-227x300A.F. Harrold is an English writer who creates and performs poetry for both children and adults. He is also the author of several novels for children, including the delightfully funny Fizzlebert Stump series and the wonderful The Imaginary (illustrated by Emily Gravett).

Harrold has written several poetry books for adults includingPostcards from the Hedgehog, Flood and Lies My Mother Never Told Me. He has also written poetry for children with I Eat Squirrels, published in 2009 and his latest collection of poems, The Things You Find In A Poet’s Beard, published in 2015.

Along with writing poetry, Harrold runs workshops for schools and participates in slam championships, winning the Cheltenham All Stars Slam Championship in 2007. He has also performed his work on BBC Radio 4, Radio 3 and BBC7 and served as Poet-In-Residence for Glastonbury Festival Website’s in 2008 and at Cheltenham Literature Festival in 2010.

He is the owner of many books, a handful of hats and one beard. He spends his spare time showing off on stage, in schools and at home, and his non-spare time sitting around stroking the aforementioned beard, having baths and writing things down.

He lives in Reading with a stand-up comedian and two cats.